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The top 10 examples of Irish CSR on YouTube #5 – #1

This week we continue our countdown of the Irish companies who are making the best use of YouTube to showcase their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

When looking at the companies at numbers #6 to #10 in our chart last week, we were struck by just how few views these clips were getting on YouTube. University College Cork has over 15,000 registered students, yet their ‘Green Campus’ CSR video has received only 335 hits. The CSR videos of A&L Goodbody and Kerry Group have received a paltry number of hits (41 and 121 respectively), and it seems puzzling that a company like Dell – who employ over 2,000 people across Ireland – could only muster 120 views for the YouTube clip demonstrating their employee volunteering programme for Daffodil Day.

The Official Logo for Coca Cola Ireland's Thank You Fund
The Official Logo for Coca Cola Ireland’s Thank You Fund

Many of these clips are quite well-produced and extremely effective at communicating the activities and values of the parent companies, but they are getting almost no exposure on YouTube. This makes us wonder whether Irish companies are consistently failing to promote their CSR videos across their Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds. Furthermore, many Irish firms are not even embedding their CSR videos in the sections of their websites that detail their social responsibility commitments.

We mentioned in our previous blog that CSR practitioners need to make greater use of video so as to forge an emotional connection with consumers. But they also need to integrate video more fully into their CSR strategies so that it supports their other activities. It is apparent from our relatively brief study that there is a need for more joined-up thinking, so that when Irish firms launch a CSR or Community Involvement campaign, all of their social media tools are working to tandem to maximise the reach of that campaign.

In order to see what approaches these firms might take, let’s take a look at our top 5 examples of Irish CSR initiatives on YouTube.

5. The Coca-Cola Ireland ‘Thank You Fund’

The ‘Thank You Fund’ is a CSR programme run by Coca Cola Ireland that seeks to promote healthy, active lifestyles. Coca Cola achieve this by awarding grants to non-profit groups who promote these goals in their local communities.

The 2013 Thank You Roadshow video has received over 65,000 hits – indicating that Coca Cola have been distributing across all of their communication channels. The video itself is tightly edited and contains a variety of talking heads, yet it communicates the purpose, history and benefits of the programme within a brief running time.

4. KPMG – St. Michael’s House Multi-Sensory Stories

We previously asserted that companies needed to introduce an element of ‘storytelling’ to their CSR communications. KPMG have taken this suggestion literally, as we see in the video portraying their partnership with St. Michael’s House.

This partnership involves KPMG staff creating ‘sensory stories’ that might appeal to children with intellectual disabilities. These ‘sensory stories’ are intended to stimulate and inspire the children of St. Michael’s House.

What is compelling about this video is that not only does it show how the KPMG staff get fully involved in the planning and execution of their CSR plan, but it also shows the tangible benefits the children get from the materials KPMG have produced for them. One quibble: it is disconcerting to see that the clip has garnered only 30 or so views to date, so KPMG need to start giving these videos more prominence in their communications strategy.

3. Diageo – Arthur Guinness Projects

The Arthur Guinness Fund is one of the most successful Corporate Social Responsibility programmes that Ireland has yet seen. Given that it has played a large part in Diageo’s promotion of the Guinness brand over the last number of years, it’s no great surprise to see that the Arthur Guinness Fund has a very strong presence on YouTube.

The programme also has its own established YouTube channel. While the more brand-driven videos on the channel are superbly produced and visually arresting, we believe the more effective clips are those that focus on the social enterprises applying to the fund for support, such as those for the ‘Wreckless Indoor Skatepark’ and ‘Mushroom City’.

2. O2 – Think Big

We’ve already discussed how some Irish firms appear to be hiding their light under a bushel when it comes to documenting their social responsibility activities on video. By contrast, O2 Ireland has a YouTube channel purely dedicated to their ‘Think Big’ programme.

‘Think Big’ is a scheme designed to offer money, support and training to young people who have an idea that might benefit their community. O2’s ‘Cinema Club’ ad encapsulates this concept. This visually striking production introduces us to Eimear, who talks about her passion for films and her dream of setting up a cinema club, and explains how O2’s Think Big has helped turned her passion into a reality.

O2’s ad succinctly explains the concept of the scheme in less than 30 seconds, and the 117,000 hits that it has racked up on YouTube attest to its effectiveness. O2 Ireland’s other clips on YouTube are equally adept at getting across the benefit of the programme.

1. Intel Ireland, David Prendergast & Laura Lynn

Our top Irish CSR video on YouTube is one that perhaps lacks the slick production values of O2 or Guinness. But it more than compensates for that in how it builds an instant emotional connection between subject and viewer.

This clip tells the story of Intel Ireland worker David Prendergast. In 2009, David’s 2 year-old daughter Beth passed away after a long battle with leukaemia. This tragedy spurred David into fighting to build a Children’s Hospice in Ireland and, ultimately, to open Laura Lynn House.

The clip of David’s story is inherently powerful, and really takes the viewer on an emotional journey. It vividly shows how David’s tragedy galvanised the whole workforce of Intel Ireland to get behind his campaign for a hospice. This hugely inspiring video stands as a paragon of CSR communications but also, more importantly, as a beautiful tribute to David’s daughter, Beth.