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How CSR is being communicated across Digital Marketing and Social Media platforms.

The CSR Central Weekly Round-up, May 5th – May 11th, 2014

We’re back with the best articles of the last seven days from the worlds of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, Charity Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship.

If we’ve missed any particularly compelling articles recently published in these areas, feel free to link to them in the comments.

2Degress Community: “What is a responsible business, and why is it much less boring that it sounds?”

The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ can occasionally be off-putting to people. Some find the word ‘responsibility’ to have worthy or dull connotations, while others become suspicious whenever they see the word ‘corporate’ used as a prefix. The 2Degrees Community say this doesn’t need to be the case, and explain how CSR can actually be the key to unlocking innovation.

Google - #2 on Forbes list of the places where top millennials want to work
Google – #2 on Forbes list of the places where top millennials want to work

Forbes: “The 25 Companies where top millennials most want to work in 2014”

Forbes recently reported on a survey from the National Society of High School Scholars which assessed the most popular companies and organisations among members of ‘Generation Y’. Susan Adams, writing in Forbes, discerned an underlying pattern to the 25 companies most popular with millennials – namely that they are capable of driving young people’s “passion for helping other people”.

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network:  “Social enterprise tackles housing crisis”

Even a cursory glance at the news over the last year would make you aware that housing has once again become a huge issue in the UK and Ireland. Well, meet the social enterprise who are repurposing empty houses in a bid to tackle this housing crisis.

CSR Wire: “The ABCs of Transformational CSR”

How can businesses leverage their CSR and Corporate Citizenship activities for the maximum business advantage? CSR Wire have developed a ‘Responsible Business Continuum’ which answers this very question. They also outline what they consider to be ‘The ABCs of CSR’: Advocacy, Benefit, and Coalition Building.

Fast Company: “5 Big Ideas to Make Cities Better”

From Lisbon’s channelling of commuters kinetic energy, to the Belgian city using geothermal mapping to reduce energy use, to Barcelona’s city-wide “trust network” set up to look after their senior citizens; Fast Company look at the initiatives that are trying to make our urban spaces more pleasurable and sustainable.

Hootsuite: “Doing More with Less: How non-profits build social media armies” 

The social media management service, Hootsuite, also run an excellent daily blog, and often post social media advice specific to the charity and non-profit sector. In this post, Hootsuite claim that non-profit & charity marketers are often the most adept users of social media given the financial constraints they must work within. The article also offers an excellent slideshare presentation on exactly how to “Build your Social Media Army”.

Bloomberg: “How Social Entrepreneurs Can Have the Most Impact”: 

How does one account for the huge growth in the numbers of social entrepreneurs in the United States over the last decade? And are they really bringing about real societal change? This piece from Bloomberg – adapted from a speech by Katie Smith Milway at the 2014 Lewis Institute Social Innovator Awards – analyses the growth in Social Enterprises and ponders where the movement goes from here.

Misereor: “The Social Swipe” Poster

Here’s an innovation to file in the “how awesome is this?!” category. The developmental aid charity, Misereor, wanted a way take advantage of the ubiquity of the credit card in order to increase donations. So, they devised “The Social Swipe” – a digital donation billboard that accepts credit cards.