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This week we’re taking a look at Donate a Drink – an initiative that encourages people to donate the cost of a drink to an Irish charity.

Donate A Drink Logo
The ‘Donate a Drink’ Logo

What is Donate A Drink & how does it work?

Donate a Drink has been scheduled to coincide with this year’s St. Patrick’s Festival, and it aims to raise funds for three children’s charities: Make A Wish Ireland, Laura Lynn, and The Umbrella Foundation. It asks Irish consumers to forego one beverage over the course of the festival and give the equivalent value of that drink to one of the charities. By making this contribution, Donate a Drink claim that Irish consumers can help make this St. Patrick’s Festival “a celebration of Irish charity, a celebration of Irish generosity, and a celebration of the Irish culture of giving”.

What is also interesting about the concept is how it originated, not from the charities themselves, but from a gentleman called Eddie Power. He established Donate a Drink last year to run alongside Diageo’s Arthur’s Day programme as a way of raising funds for charity while also promoting a message of drinking in moderation. In just over a week, the campaign managed to raise over €3,000 for their chosen charities.

The promotion of Donate A Drink across social media

The Donate a Drink initiative is being promoted entirely through social media channels. Their Facebook page urges followers to share details of the campaign with their own circles of friends and to change their profile pic to the Donate a Drink logo. It is also being promoted on Twitter through the hashtags #just1drink and #donateadrink.

One way that the Donate A Drink campaign could potentially be bolstered is through better integration with their charity partners. While Laura Lynn have posted about the Donate A Drink scheme on their facebook page, the other two charity partners –  Make A Wish and The Umbrella Foundation – curiously don’t make reference to it on their homepages.

Donate A Drink might also consider making better use of platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube, perhaps by asking consumers to ‘pin’ details of their donation on a pinterest board or by asking people to upload a video to YouTube explaining why they’re foregoing a pint for charity.

That being said, it is fantastic to see people using social media to bring innovative charitable marketing ideas to life, particularly at a time when the Irish charity sector is increasingly embattled.

Donations can be made by visiting the Donate A Drink My Charity page + or by texting DADLAURA, DADWISH or DADUMBRELLA to 50300 to contribute €4 to Laura Lynn, Make-a-Wish or the Umbrella Foundation respectively.

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